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Robert A. Heinlein's Podkayne of Mars

In this modern take on the 1963 classic I've tried to bring a cinematic sensibility to the cover.
The shuttle is reminiscent of Battlestar Gallactica combined with Star Trek .
I’ve tried to use a subtle repetitive pattern in the design. One of my biggest influences as a fantasy artist is the great naturalist painter, Robert Bateman. I learned a tremendous amount about design and impact from his books.
In his book, The World of Robert Bateman he examines an owl painting composition. The repetitive patterns in the circular branches behind the owl subtly repeated the patterns in the owl’s own face.
The viewer would never have realized this unless the painter had pointed it out.
The effect is subtle but radiats out towards you drawing you into the composition.
I’ve tried to do the same thing here by repeating circular patterns.

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